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Jeroen Van Herzeele (°1965) studied the tenor saxophone at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp, where he was taught by Dave Pike, Peter Hertmans and John Ruocco; he also took part in workshops in the United States given by Joe Lovano and Dave Liebman. He has played and continues to play with such artists as Toots Thielemans, the Chris Joris Experience, Philip Catherine, Act Big Band, Octurn, the Nathalie Loriers Quartet and Kris Defoort & Dreamtime. He played in a long list of bands ranging from Octurn, the Ben Sluijs Quartet, Mâäk’s Spirit, and the Ivan Paduart Quartet, to Variations on A Love Supreme and many more. He is band leader of the Jeroen Van Herzeele Quartet, together with Giovanni Barcella, Fabian Fiorini and the late Jean-Jacques Avenel – continuing to keep alive the heritage of Coltrane’s final musical period (viz. such recordings as Interstellar Space, Meditations of Stellar Regions) which forms an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His journeys both inside and outside of jazz has brought as far afield as Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Canada, the USA and numerous countries in Europe and Africa. In 1999 Van Herzeele was awarded the Django d’Or Prize, which is given each year to a young jazz musician of outstanding merit, and the Louis Paul Boon Prize for his complete oeuvre. At present Jeroen lectures at the Brussels Music Conservatory.